About Us

CT Pro products are available exclusively through Applied EcoTech Inc.

The mission of Applied EcoTech, Inc. is to take cutting edge technologies that can potentially have a major impact on the environment and peoples lives and arrange for world wide distribution, marketing and management on an as needed basis. This allows for a variety of technologies that have a synergy amongst them to be exposed to both existing and evolving development channels. Our experience in working with companies in fifty-two countries and extensive network of friends and associates allows for the best approach to be taken with each product in every territory.

The focus of the company currently is on technology that allows fossil fuels such as coal, diesel, HFO, gasoline and other petroleum products to burn far more cleanly and efficiently than anything in the market place, technically advanced patented lubricants that can withstand high temperatures and extreme pressure and friction and radical remediation technologies to clean surfaces and water. The industries serviced are Marine, Power Generation, Agriculture, Mining, Trucking, Industrial Production, Rail, Automotive and the Military