Solve These Problems!

“Wear rates are 8 times less when contamination in lube oils are filtered to below 5 microns.”

-GM Detroit Diesel

“Dirt and contamination are by far the number one cause of hydraulic and engine failures.”


“Reduce engine oil contamination by 98% and owner will reduce fuel consumption by up to 5% and parts wear by 93%.” 

-Institute of Automotive Industry

“In conclusion this evaluation has shown the use of good full flow filtration, combined with by-pass lubricating oil filtration, will result in extension of engine wear life up to two to three times the wear life obtainable with only good full flow filtration.”

-Society of Automotive Engineers: Technical Paper #710813

Get rid of 100% water of water from:

Crude, HFO, Diesel, E85, Biodiesel, Gasoline,
Engine Oil, Gear Oil and Hydraulic Oil