By-Pass Filters

Combust Filters By-Pass Filtration System

Combustion Technologies has developed the ultimate oil by-pass filtration for the Mining, OTR Trucking, Energy, and Oil & Gas Industries.

Our “Combust Filters Oil By-Pass Filtration System” provides true 3 Micron filtration, 100% Water Removal, Soot Removal, Extended Engine Life, Pollution Prevention, and Reduced Oil Consumption. By keeping the oil free of moisture contamination and particulates larger than 3 microns your engine oil will have reduced Oxidation, Nitration, while maintaining required oil viscosity and TBN for proper lubrication.

We developed this system with you in mind. Our system incorporates only the best technology and high quality construction, for ease of use and installation. Features include an easy-to-read pressure gauge, 2 sizes of spin-on filters (7” and 12”), a push button oil sample valve and a custom flow fitting to ensure a continuous proper flow. No internal moving parts to wear out!

The benefits of the “Combust Filters Oil By-Pass Filtration System” includes the ease of an oil sample valve, pressure gauge that indicates that a filter change is needed (no more guessing!), two filter sizes allows for our system to be installed in “tight” locations where space is limited and the spin on filter is easily stored and serviced.

Our synthetic filter media provides consistent 3 micron filtration ensuring all harmful wear metals are removed in a single pass. Our synthetic media has an ISO 16889 RATING of Bx(c)=200 (This Beta rating means that the filter traps 99.5% of all particles 3 microns or larger on each pass). ISO 16889 is the international standard for Multi-Pass Testing to determine the efficiency (beta rating or beta ratio) and the dirt-holding capacity of the filter. Engine life is substantially increased by keeping your oil pure and clean.

Installation is simple. Our “Combust Filters By-Pass Filtration System” system is “Pressure In, Pressure Out” and only requires an oil pressure port from the engine and a return line port. Because the return line is pressurized it can be fitted to the oil pan (sump), oil fill tube, valve cover, or any other crankcase access point. One major benefit with our “Combust Filters By-Pass Filtration System” units is that they can be mounted almost anywhere including the frame, firewall, inside the cab, back of cab, or stand alone. Because the oil return line is pressurized, the unit can even be mounted below the return line port and run for extended lengths.

Our “Combust Filters Oil By-Pass Filtration System” uses no wires or electricity and is a perfect choice for the Mining and Oil &Gas industries. This unit can be used in underground applications as well as Class 1, Division 1, Explosion Proof areas.

Our Combust Filters “By-Pass Filtration System” is the simplest, most cost effective by-pass filtration system available.