Portable & Stationary

  • Saves on Component Parts and Reduces Maintenance Costs.
  • Saves on Replacement Oil and Oil Disposal Costs.
  • Fast, Easy Cartridge Changes Without Stopping Machinery  or Production.
  • Improves the Machine’s Filtering System and Reduces Replacement Costs
  • Reduces Unnecessary Pump Wear and Decreases Cavitation.
  • Eliminates Dirt that Causes Corrosion of Hoses, Seals and  Control Valves.
  • 0.5 micron to 20 micron Filtration and 100% Water Removal.
  • NO MESS When Changing the Filter
  • Prevents Fine Tolerance Valves and Servos from Sticking, for Maximum Production Time.

Combust Portable and Stationary Filtration Systems are the heaviest duty and highest quality of such products on the market today. Constructed of carbon or stainless cold rolled 3/8″ steel with 1/2″ steel plate for their base, top plates, and lid covers. Combust Filters Filtration Systems will provide years of trouble free service no matter how rugged the treatment they receive is.

Powered by either air motor or electric motor, the pumps on Combust filtration equipment are built to last even the most rugged and hazardous conditions. Built strong, yet easy to maneuver, there is no filtration job that is too small or too large for Combust Filtration Systems, that range 2 GPM to 30 GPM. When used with our new patented technology water removing filters, this equipment can remove particulate to as small as 1/2 micron and even the emulsified water that forms in transformer oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, gasoline and diesel fuel. And will do so whether the oil or gasoline is held in large storage tanks or in transformers that are still on the pole.

With Combust’s patented filter technology, these filtration systems can remove even the suspended water that forms in alcohol-blended gasoline storage tanks, even if the gasoline contains E-85 levels of alcohol.