Spin-On Filters


Combust spin-on & cartridge style filters work on:

  • hydraulic oils
  • turbine oils
  • gear oils
  • transformer oils
  • some synthetic oils
  • diesel fuels
  • and many others!

Combust filters are designed for low to medium pressure applications and can be installed into an existing system or kidney loops bypass system. Combust’s patented media removes water, particles, and acid content, from fluids. No other filter does this!

Water is removed at the molecular level, so filtering is done at ambient temperatures, so no oil heating is required.

Problem: Water and contaminants in oil at critical levels causing costly oil disposal, replacement, and potential equipment repairs.

Solution: Oil & Fuel cleaned after filtering, saving money and time.



  • Helps save time and money by reducing oil disposal and reducing equipment repairs due to contaminated fluids
  • Removes free and emulsified water
  • Shown to reduce acid numbers
  • Helps extend fluid and equipment life
  • Synthetic patented media maintains performance
  • Filter fluid in operation
  • Works with various hydrocarbon fluids

Model #



CT-40510S150 psi max4" dia. x 5" long (1*-12 thread)
CT-40910S150 psi max4" dia. x 9" long (1*-12 thread)
CT-51110O140 psi max5" dia. x 10.5" long (1.5*-16 thread)
CT-718002Cartridge Style18" dia. x 6.5" long (.5 to 10 microns)