Cleanboost Gold vs. The Competition

CleanBoost™ Gold captures more of the energy of the fuel, allowing an increase in
Power, Efficiency and Cleanliness.

CleanBoost™ Gold is EPA registered.

CleanBoost™ Gold has been tested at world-renowned South West Research Institute for fuel economy, emissions and manufacture (OEM) acceptability.

CleanBoost™ Gold has been proven to work with biodiesel applications. B20 biodiesel mixture has been tested with Clean Boost™ and has proven reduction in NOx particulates as well as NOx gases.

CleanBoost™ Gold is very effective in Diesel, Biodiesel and Gasoline.

Regular Fuel Treatments vs. CleanBoost

Regular Fuel Treatments are made of:

  • Sulfur
  • Hydrogen
  • Carbon
  • Nitrogen
  • Oxygen

The exact same constituents as fuel so all you are doing is changing the % (percent) of product the fuel is made up of.

Fuel treatments with these 5 ingredients do not have to go through any testing for registration with the EPA. CleanBoost fuel products have gone through extensive testing.

CleanBoost is not an additive. It is a combustion catalyst.
CleanBoost changes the way fuel burns in the combustion chamber.

Over 5,000 fuel treatments are on the market, but very few are designed to make fuel better. CleanBoost™ is designed to make fuels more efficient