Fuel Treatments White Paper

CleanBoost Gold Fuel Treatment For Diesel Engines

Why is a fuel conditioner needed?

Prior to the mandate for using ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, the 550 ppm of sulfur compounds found in typical diesel fuels provided sufficient lubricity to keep fuel injectors and piston rings lubricated and reduce cylinder wear. But today, most diesel fuels are only allowed a maximum of 15 ppm sulfur and if supplemental lubricants are not added, injector and ring life, engine performance and reliability can be dramatically reduced.

The second reason a fuel conditioner is needed is the inclusion of EGR Valves (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) as a means of meeting EPA standards, before appropriate technology was readily available. This is, arguably, one of the dumbest designs ever put onto the market, because it takes a portion of the raw exhaust gas and re-directs it back through the air intake to burn again. This introduces large quantities of impurities directly into the engine that need to be cleaned and removed. (Because off-road engines were exempt, most boat, train and stationary engines do not have EGR systems.)

The third reason a fuel conditioner is needed is that water, algae and microbes can accumulate in diesel fuel tanks, which causes significant reliability problems, especially with plugged filters and poor combustion. And the fourth reason for using a fuel conditioner, in the case of this specific product, is that CT Pro CleanBoost Gold can reduce fuel consumption. (By an estimated 5% to 7%, but some tests by the US Air Force and others have found fuel savings at much higher rates and a few others lower.) In engines without EGR valves, CT Pro CleanBoost Gold can produce a greater improvement in fuel efficiency. This almost always means that, in addition to the other benefits that CT Pro CleanBoost Gold offers, substantial fuel cost savings are also achievable, because the product treatment cost is so low.

Unfortunately, most other fuel additives fail to deliver on their promised benefits. Typically, these products are composed of nothing but the five basic chemical elements already found in the fuel – Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Sulfur. These “CHONS”-based additives can even cause more harm than good, because they attempt to solve all of the different problems relating to poor fuel quality and incomplete combustion. CT Pro CleanBoost Gold takes a completely different approach, with its proprietary nano-catalyst technology that improves engine efficiency through several different mechanisms.

CleanBoost technology works first on the fuel itself, as a conditioner, to break down the longer chain hydrocarbons, which are harder to burn, into shorter, more burnable chains. This unique process actually increases the BTU value of diesel fuel, giving it more chemical energy to be released in the engine and converted into additional power at the crankshaft. A second mechanism of action is the increased fuel lubricity, as measured by ASTM D6079 testing. CT Pro CleanBoost Gold also provides sufficient protection for today’s high pressure common rail fuel injection systems.

In the combustion chamber, two more helpful reactions are at work with PT Pro CleanBoost Gold. First, the ignition threshold is lowered, making the compressed air-fuel mixture easier to ignite at the start of each power stroke, much like a cetane improver. But unlike the alcohol-based cetane improvers, this product allows faster ignition of the entire air-fuel mixture, not just the additive. Products, which only increase the cetane number are also known to have negative side-effects, such as hotter burning temperatures, increased NOx emissions and increased fuel consumption. These issues are most common in winter grade diesel. CT Pro CleanBoost Gold provides better cold starting and smoother engine running without any of these problems.

The CT Pro CleanBoost Gold nano-catalyst continues working into the later stages of the combustion cycle, burning off the last trace of fuel molecules moving out of the combustion chamber toward the exhaust valve. The result is a more complete combustion and less black soot entering the exhaust system. Less soot formation means cleaner engine oil, piston rings, exhaust valves, turbocharges and reduced load on diesel particulate traps. Visible black exhaust stack emissions can be eliminated and maintenance requirements are reduced. The final work of the nano-catalyst takes place in the hot gas phase, where it lays down a protective coating of metallic nanoparticles on the exhaust valves and seats that act as a high temperature lubricant on these sensitive parts, preventing much of the wear and erosion that has become a major headache for maintenance managers following the transition to ULSD fuels.

CT Pro CleanBoost Gold promotes a more concentrated release of the fuel’s energy, with less waste in the form of soot or excessive heat moving out through the exhaust valves. Smoother and more powerful engine performance, lower engine and exhaust temperatures are clear signs that the additive is working. Other indications are reduced CO and HC emissions, which are caused by incomplete combustion. NOx emissions may also decrease, as a direct result of the cooler temperatures around the exhaust ports, which is where much of the thermal NOx is normally generated. Opacity and DPM readings will also decrease as a result of the improved combustion efficiency and there will be a reduction in brake specific fuel consumption.

It is also important to understand how CT Pro CleanBoost Gold Technology cleans impurities and deposits out of an engine more safely than the typical detergent additives. CT Pro CleanBoost Gold releases a blizzard of highly reactive, metallic nanoparticles throughout the combustion chamber, which carry enough heat to attack and gradually eliminate impurities, including the hardest carbon deposits. This is done at a molecular level, without causing large pieces of the hard deposits to suddenly flake off. This is especially important around the top piston ring, where detergents can create flakes large enough to plug the oil ports and cause critical lubrication failure. In older engines, it is common to have at least one cylinder with low compression caused by carbon fouled rings. CT Pro CleanBoost Gold can remove and prevent this type of fouling, freeing the piston rings to move and work properly and restore proper compression in all cylinders. The results can be as noticeable as having an engine overhaul, with increased power and an elimination of blow-by into the oil sump.

The same molecular level actions that clean inside the engine will also encapsulate water and break down algae in the fuel tank. About half the water is encapsulated by the fuel, which then flows through the system and harmlessly converted to steam during combustion. The balance of the encapsulated water becomes light enough to float to the top of the tank where it can evaporate. Deprived of life-sustaining water, the algae are disintegrated to micro-size particles, small enough to pass through the fuel filter and into the combustion chamber to be safely burned. With the algae and water treated, microbe problems can disappear as well.

 CT Pro CleanBoost Gold is made with the highest quality, purest components possible. A unique manufacturing and filtering process has been developed over the past 20 years, which prevents any fallout or sediment from the high quality solvents, unlike many of the competitive brands. CleanBoost Gold is safe to use in all grades of diesel fuel and all types of engines. It should be considered an essential product to be used every day in the normal course of running a diesel engine – the potential return on the small investment is enormous. CT Pro CleanBoost Gold is a truly unique technology.

Note1: If Bio-Diesel is being used, CleanBoost Gold will reduce emission pollution by an even higher percentage than it does with regular diesel fuel.

Note2: In cold weather, CleanBoost Gold will make cold weather starting more reliable by lowering the gel point of diesel fuel. In the case of extreme cold try CT Pro Sno-Cat, which will prevent gelling at -40ºF.