Penetrating Lubricant Spray

CleanBoost® NANO-Spray PLS, Protects metal surfaces from moisture and easily loosens rusted nuts and bolts. Quiets squeaky suspensions and door hinges. PLS will protect against salt and corrosion by laying down a high-performance boundary layer that penetrates the surface.

Developed for industrial and home applications.

CleanBoost® NANO-Spray PLS is easy and safe to use!

NO aerosol can! NO harmful chemicals! NO harmful propellants!

CleanBoost® NANO-Spray PLS is a great drill bit coolant and lubricant to speed up the drilling process while extending drill bit life.


  • Air tools ·Bolts ·Bushings ·Chains ·Cables ·Casters ·Conveyors ·Electrical terminals ·Fasteners ·Firearms
  • Fishing reels ·Gears ·Hand tools
    • Rail Signals
    • Marine  
    • Amusement Rides


LUBRICATION: Reduces friction & heat Frees sticky, and rusted parts. Stops squeaks and reduces noise.

PROTECTION: Protects metal from rusting. Resists the elements including salt water.

MOISTURE DISPLACEMENT: Displaces water and moisture.