Commercial & Turbine Oils

CleanBoost FE335 Commercial Oil Additive

Fully synthetic cutting, grinding fluid concentrate for adding to machining operations on both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It combines exceptional extreme pressure and lubricity characteristics, providing outstanding tool life and surface finish on difficult to machine alloys, in a low pH formulation to minimize corrosion or “white rust” on all aluminum alloys. CleanBoost FE335 contains no sulfur or compounds and is “halogen-free,” making it the ideal product for cutting and grinding of titanium where a sulfur and halogen-free coolant is specified. It utilizes new phosphate ester technology enabling it to out-perform other aqueous coolants in heavy duty operations on tough alloys.

CleanBoost FE335 provides exceptional anti-rust protection, passing the ASTM D665A Rust Test as dilutions as lean as 100:1. It rejects tramp oil readily for easy skimming, and has excellent bio-resistance for extremely long term service.

Long Life Turbine Oil

Long Life Turbine Oil is formulated with selected premium base stocks carefully refined to insure exceptional performance and long service life. Special inhibitors enhance the product by providing improved resistance to break down caused by oxidation and the formation of deposits on critical machinery surfaces. They also protect vital equipment parts from rust and corrosion both during operating service and when the equipment is idle. In addition, foam and air release properties are controlled by inhibitors and low temperature capability improved by flow improvers.

The product passes the ASTM-D-943 Turbine Oil Stability Test by more than 10,000 hours indicating the ability to provide extremely long service life.

Synthetic Wind Turbine Industrial EP Gear Oil ISO 320

Synthetic Wind Turbine Industrial EP Gear Oil 320 is a synthetic industrial gear lubricant designed to provide optimum equipment protection under extreme conditions. The product has exceptional oxidation resistance and thermal properties, high viscosity index and low traction coefficient to reduce power consumption in many gear drives.

This is recommended for enclosed industrial gear drives including spur, helical and bevel gears. Specially recommended from application that may be subject to micro-pitting, heavy loading and application subject to low and/or high temperature were corrosion can be a concern.

Meets the requirements of DIN 51517-3, Flenders (Helical, Bevel & Planetary gear units) etc.