Mettle Plus Gold EP Grease Specifications


The temperature range is extensive. Although it first starts to separate at well over 650º F (343º C), it will still protect at even higher temperatures. The grease is still workable at -25º F (-32º C) and will continue to protect at even lower temperatures.

Extreme Pressure Properties:

Standard Test Method for Measurement of Extreme-Pressure Properties of Lubricating Grease is the Four-Ball Method. This test method covers the determination of the load-carrying properties of lubricating greases.

Multiple determinations are made:

Load-Wear Index (formerly the Mean-Hertz Load) for CT Pro Gold Grease: 147

Weld Point, by means of the Four-Ball Extreme-Pressure (EP) Tester for CT Pro Gold Grease: 700

Timken OK Load is a qualitative measure that indicates the possible performance of extreme pressure additives (EP Additives) in a lubricating grease or oil. The units of measure are pounds-force or kilograms-force and are determined using a cross-axis machine to produce a scar on a bearing. CT Pro Gold Grease: 85

4-Ball Wear Test Scar is the average diameter, in millimeters, of the wear scar on the stationary balls caused by the rotating ball under an applied load in the presence of a lubricant, but without causing either seizure or welding. CT Pro Gold Grease: 0.24

The only way to tell how much more heat and pressure Gold Industrial Strength EP2 Grease can take than other greases is to look at our chart or the related numbers for other greases on their web sites. Nothing matches our performance! This means that whatever you need grease for will have far better long lasting protection and this means your equipment will last longer and be more reliable.

NLGI Grade (NSF Hx) 2  (1.5)
Color Dark Grey
Base Oil #2
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40ºC (104°F) (cSt) (ATSM D-445) 218
Viscosity @ 100°C (212°F) (cSt) 19
Viscosity @ 40°C (104°F) (SUS) 880
Viscosity @ 100°C (212°F) (SUS) 94
Pour Point (ASTM D-97) -10°F (-23ºC)
Dropping Point (ASTM D-2265) 690oF (366oC)
Oxidation Bearing Life (ASTM D-3527) 200 hours
Rust test (ASTM D-1743) Pass #1
Copper Corrosion test (ASTM D-130) Pass/1b
Water Washout (ASTM D-1264) @ 80°C,     % loss <2.5
4-Ball EP test ASTM D-2596 weld load, kgf  700
Penetration, ASTM D-217 290-320
Thickener type Lithium Complex
Operating temperature range  -25ºF to 722ºF                  (-32ºC to 382ºC)
Timken OK Load ASTM D-2509 lbs/kg 85
Extreme Pressure  Yes
All Weather Yes
4-Ball Wear Test Scar 0.24
Pumpable Yes