Metal Treatment Concentrate

✔ Greatly reduces friction, heat and wear, with Mettle Plus™ Technology
✔ Provides unmatched extreme pressure lubrication
 Extends oil life significantly by reducing oil oxidation
✔ Eliminates camshaft & valve train failures in first 30 minutes of new engine life
✔ Improves fuel economy and reduces component wear on upstart
✔ Made with no harmful additives and is safe for all engines and oils
✔ Treats the metal, not the oil and will not change OEM specs


Mettle Plus can be used in all metal friction environments that involve elevated temperatures, high loads, high sliding speeds and extreme pressure.

  • Gasoline, diesel and biodiesel engines of all sizes
  • Natural Gas Engine Applications (Cat 3500 and 3600 Series)
  • New or high mileage engines
  • Compatible with petroleum or synthetic oils
  • Differentials (Rear and Front End Axles)
  • Manual Transmissions (not automatic or with a wet clutch)
  • Gear Box Applications
  • Milling Machines
  • Conveyors and Chain Belts
  • Anywhere where friction can create heat and stress

Dosage Ratio 1:24

ASTM Properties

Appearance: Amber Oily Liquid
Copper Corrosion: 1b (D-130)
 Copper Corrosion, 10% Solution: <1
Lead Corrosion, 2% Solution: 13 ppm (Ethyl)
Pour Point: -31°C/-23.8°F (D-97)
 Flash Point: 370°C/698°F (D-92)
Chlorine In Hydrocarbon: 0.00% (D-4929-07)
Odor: Petroleum
Noack  Volatility, wt. %: 6.2 (D-5200)
Solubility: Insoluble in water
Viscosity cSt @100°C: 8.07 (D-445)
Specific Gravity: 1.1
 Vapor Density: <1
Vapor Pressure: < 0.01 1 mm Hg @ 20° C
Rust Prevention: PASS (D-665)
Rotating Bomb Oxidation: 15 minutes (D-2272)
Rubber Volume Change:  1.6% (SAE-J2643)

Available Sizes

Size Units in Case
8 oz (237 ml) 12
16 oz (474 ml) 12
64 oz (1.9 liters) 6
 5 gallons (18.6 liters) 1
 55 gallons (205 liters) 1