Easy Cleaning

This breakthrough chemistry works by breaking down the bond between the surface and the offending grime while it encapsulates soil by surrounding dirt particles, making it easy to wipe clean. Easily wipes off dirt without scratching the paint surface.Leaves vehicle clean, shiny, and protected!
Use a sprayer or spray bottle. Hold the sprayer 8 to 10 inches from the vehicle’s surface and spray a 2-foot-by-2-foot area.Using a folded terry cloth towel, (recommended) spread evenly and wipe clean. Using a clean terry cloth towel, wipe dry until smooth and shiny. Continue until vehicle is completed. Average time for a medium sized vehicle is about 15 minutes. Now relax and marvel at how gorgeous it looks.

Note: Best for use on light or moderate dirt. Use more Nano-Sheen for heavier dirt and Nano-Sheen if only lightly soiled. Do not use on heavily soiled vehicles.