More Testimonials

The structural conditions of the internal parts were what you would normally expect with the extended hours on them. It appears the use of CleanBoost is keeping the tops of the pistons and valve stems remarkably free from carbon build up and keeping all cylinders burning clean. We have witnessed no detrimental side effects by using CleanBoost in your diesel fuel.

Terry Weaver, Area Manager at CAT

I have been running the Clean Boost 70w oil for over 3 years now in our NHRA nitro funny cars, Nostalgia nitro funny cars, and NHRA A-Fuel Dragsters and it is by far the best oil I have ever used.

The oil doesn’t break down or get foamy from nitro and the oil bonds to engine parts and cylinder walls like no other. Clean Boost has saved us money by cutting down on piston scuffing and has increased our bearing life 5X times as long saving money on tear down and replacement cost.

Trust me your parts will look better and your wallet will be happier

James Day, James Day Motorsports

CleanBoost 70wt racing oil is what we have always used in our Henkleman Motorsports HipLink A/fuel dragster motor. All I can say about CleanBoost racing oil is that it simply works. I have been working on and racing nitro methane motors for 15 years and I have never seen any other oil work as well as CleanBoost. Since using CleanBoost, we have had no engine failures or broken engine parts. None. We literally replace bearings due to age rather than wear. Other teams using other oils need to add a “stabilizer” to their oil to make it work. We don’t. We run CleanBoost straight from the drum without any additives. I have never seen an oil that suspends in nitro methane as well as CleanBoost 70wt and we feel that goes a long way in maintaining our engine life. In addition, we use CleanBoost Mettle as an assembly lube with great results! In 2013, we ran a career best 5.22 274mph pass which was the second quickest pass of the year for an A/fuel dragster. I could not be happier with the results!

Henkelman Motorsports and myself, Garrett Bateman, would like to thank Combustion Technologies and CleanBoost for all their products and support!

Garrett Bateman, Henkelman Motorsports

2009 NHRA Nostalgia Funny Car Champion 2 time Bonneville land speed record holder Bonneville 200 mph club life member