American Central Transport

CleanBoost Case Study: Heavy Duty Trucking

January 2013
R. Donald Farrior,
Owner Operator with American Central Transport (A.C.T.)
33 Years Driving Experience

The place to start is with a brief history of my efforts to improve my truck’s performance prior to using CleanBoost. Throughout my driving years the focus was Performance. How to improve my tractor’s MPG while reducing maintenance costs and extending the life of my equipment. I would try one thing and then another until one day I put it all together.

  1. I removed the muffler on my truck. That increased my MPG about 3/10ths of a mile.
  2. I started using “MotorCote” in the crank case.  My tractor began to run smoother and it increased my MPG another 3/10ths of a mile.
  3. Then I installed an Aircell to the tractor. The Aircell makes the tractor think it is getting more air than what is really there or available. That increased my MPG another 5/10ths of a mile.
  4. Then I removed all the restriction I could from the fuel and that raised my MPG another 3/10ths of a mile.

At this time I thought this was all that could be done to improve my MPG and was satisfied with a consistent 6.3 to 6.6 MPG. Then on January 14, 2013, Bob Olmstead introduced me to CleanBoost, gave me a sample treatment and my tractor has never been the same since.

  1. 200 to 250 miles down the road after treating my fuel my tractor just “took off.”
  2. My tractor was running smoother.
  3. My tractor was running cooler.
  4. My tractor had more power.
  5. My MPG went from 6.2 to 7.3 by the time this initial treated load was delivered.The load was 44,658 lbs of canned food from Del-Monte Topeka, KS to Dollar General in Scottsville, KY. A total of 660 miles.
  6. My MPG went to 8.0 by the time my second treated load was delivered. The load was 24,500 lbs consisting of 26 bales of waste plastic from Scottsville, KY to Indianapolis, IN to Houston, TX. A total of 1,238 miles.

It was hard to believe the difference in MPG based on these two loads. Sometimes you just have to “Observe the Obvious” which I did and now I am hooked on CleanBoost. With each load I do a reality check to make sure I am not dreaming about my MPG results. I still use CleanBoost and will continue to use CleanBoost until I am dead. CleanBoost has improved my bottom dollar and that makes sense to me. I will talk about CleanBoost to all that I meet every chance I get.   

Thank Guys for Making an Outstanding Product.